Sunday, September 30, 2012

Short and Sweet Sunday

Long, crazy week with some successful, encouraging runs thrown in. It is likely no one wants to read a full recap of any of it, so I'll just include some tantalizing photos.

soak with sweat. dry. repeat
lots of soccer spectating (and stealing The Oldest's Nook to read "Hunger Games")
date night with The Husband! (at ICU to visit father-in-law) Keeping the romance alive...
the date also included over-priced (albeit tasty) beer (not served in ICU, for some reason)
For Kim
How to earn a nap : Run 12 miles and take family canoeing, immediately afterwards
What was your 'high' and 'low' for your week?


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! We have had some of those too.
    My high and low were both camping. I got to go on a trail run in the redwoods, and see my son paddle-board :)

    1. fun! We were just watching some paddleboarders at breakfast, Sunday. The oldest is itching to try it. :)

  2. Wow, a totally busy weekend. I remember doing 14 miles and then ending up at Disneyland afterward. I did not feel guilty going to bed at 8:30 that night.

    1. Wow. You're a beast to follow up a long run with a trip to an amusement park! I'm amazed you made it all the way 'til 8:30!