Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Bad Can it Be?

I love racing.

I love failing at studying course maps, laying out my Race Day outfit, packing the Bag O'Fun and Distractions for my boys, checking out the other racers in the parking lot, talking goals with my husband and kicking trees when I fail to reach them. I love the nerves, the warmup, the 6th (7th & 8th) trip to the port-a-potty, and the combined nervous, excited energy that envelopes me when I toe a line.

Our 2011 Fall, Winter and 2012 Spring family schedule was packed with races. I didn't get burned out, per se, but I knew we all needed a planned, long break. This race, the first Saturday of May, was kind of a last-minute decision,  but I knew the organizers and loved the cause. The humid, hot miles reaffirmed my decision to take the Summer off of racing.

A few friends and I had also registered for a Disney 5k, which was the same night as the 4-mile race I just mentioned.  The Expedition Everest Challenge was the epitome of Hot Mess. I will provide an extremely ugly recap, someday. Luckily, for us, it was more of a fun run and an interesting way to end the racing season.
our "before" pic
No one should ever see the looks on our faces during or after that nightmare.
I really enjoyed just running for the rest of Spring and into the early part of the Summer. Our weekends were freed up for other fun activities and my credit card got to enjoy a vacation from race registration sites. "No racing 'til September", became my mantra.
Mid-July, was about the time I started drooling over upcoming Summer races. As "luck" would have it, though, I was able to stick with my previous commitment...
insert annoyed eyeroll, here
I cautiously registered for my original Return to Racing 5k, once I had completed a few, pain-free runs. We've run this race before and really liked it. My (annoyingly, naturally fast) brother-in-law, his wife, (who started my racing obsession), husband and boys will all be there so it'll be a great time.
However, another cool event came up and we felt compelled to be a part of it, too. The Genuine Mile (in case you're too lazy busy to click the link) will be a  local, evening, quick race. A portion of the proceeds will be donated towards our local Fire Departments. (hence the 9/11 date) I'm a sucker for a good cause and this falls under that category.
Unfortunately, I haven't attempted any sort of speed for over two months.
While I realize this gives me an excellent excuse, in regards to my finishing time, I'm nervous as heck. I want to be carefree and unconcerned about it...just focus on having a good time with my family and friends. That type of attitude doesn't come easily to me in regards to racing, though.
To compromise, I have set some goals. They're my attempt at loose and fun goals, but goals, nonetheless :
A Goal : Have a faster finishing time than my (annoyingly, naturally fast) "non-runner" of a husband. There, Art. I said it. I want you to be fast,  but I want to be faster. (xoxoxo)
B Goal: Finish in under 9:11:00
A free beer will be awarded to anyone who does this
C Goal: Complete a mile-long race without injuring myself
Fingers, toes and (tender) ankles crossed
New Racing Season, here we come...
Are you doing anything to commemorate this date?
Care to predict my husband's finishing time?


  1. Good luck! Remember you can do anything for a minute...keep telling yourself that for the last .1-.25 mile;-)

    1. thank you! I really did remember to tell myself that!

  2. I'll predict a 7:50 for your non-runner husband.