Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fast-Forward Friday

When I realized today's date, I knew Throwback Thursday would have to step aside for a new edition, this week. Also, it's my blog and I can do whatever I want. So there.

Next month, on this date,  I will be trying desperately to keep running in my first, Full, Marathon!! If you've read any of my brief running history, or (are lucky enough to) know me in real life, you would understand that this is not actually some life-long dream I'll be fulfilling.

I registered for the race on April 29th, 2012. Before that date, I was only about 20% sure I even wanted to go through with this craziness. That 20% had been rolling around in my brain for approximately one week. Prior to that I really had no desire to run that distance. Ever.

I recently completed seven half marathons, in seven months.

raise your hand if you want me in charge of your race calendar! 

Each one actually confirmed the adamant"I will NEVER run a Full Marathon" thought I'd had since I'd started running.

However, a culmination of little, seemingly insignificant incidents turned that"maybe, someday..." spark and turned it into an insatiable wildfire.

I'm glad I don't have the ability to actually fast-forward to October 21st. I don't mind the wait. Don't get me wrong. My excitement about this race is there. It just happens to be jumbled up with a plethora of other feelings that are not entirely excitement.

It's kinda like the days leading up to your birthday. You're looking forward to celebrating it, but you don't actually want to be older.

It's also a bit reminiscent of being a month away from giving birth . So excited!! Can't wait!!...but, also, not entirely ready to face that day and all the pain that will be associated with it.
all-inclusive photo of my birthday with aforementioned children
So, I'll settle for some mental fast-forwarding while I continue to plan and train for this epic (for me) event. It may or may not end up being my only marathon, but it will always be my first. I won't be able to pause that moment where both of my feet cross the finish line, but I will be able to rewind those unforgettable memories, whenever I want to.
In one month.


  1. Sweet Bling! I would run a half a month - it would be like having your half marathon as your long run. As long as I wasn't trying to kill myself each time.

    1. Thanks! One of those medals doubles as a bottle-opener, another has a "spinner" in the middle and the one from the Women's Half had a removable charm to make into a necklace! If the bling wasn't so darned cool, it wouldn't be so tempting to keep signing up for races!