Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A New PR

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I gave myself sufficient time to rest and whine about Saturday's "race" and run. The humbling 5k was followed by running another 11 miles on a paved trail in between the race site and home. I knew the conditions weren't going to be ideal, but felt like I needed to get the miles in so I could give myself all day Sunday to take it easy.

The lucky marathon I've chosen as my first has a start time of 10:00 am. (weird, right?) I figure it makes sense to plan a couple of training runs to start at that time, as well. This way I can work out fueling and get my body used to wanting to run 26.2 miles when it's normally ready for my late-morning nap.

caught in the act, by The Littlest. Darned tech-savvy kids!
If I can survive 80+ degree, humidity-through-the-roof training runs, in Florida, then 50 degree, breezy, mild, Canadian, marathon miles should be all that much easier. Not "piece of cake", easier, but easier nonetheless.
Right? Right.
I was feeling frisky (and warm) enough to venture out for this run sans top. While I don't generally run in just a jog bra, I'd already decided to leave my Garmin and ipod at home. "Why not leave the shirt and "Run Freely"?" was the day's motto.
For some idiotic reason, I was on a roll and decided to also run with no hydration. Six miles doesn't always necessitate a water bottle, but I should've paid better attention to the weather and my (also idiotic) route, before making that decision.
More often than not, I'll choose a route that leaves from my front door. This run was no exception. As it would turn out, though, the nice little out-and-back I picked has, approximately, 4.2 feet of shade on the entire road. For real. It was like running on the surface of the sun WHILE staring into the actual sun, the entire time. Not sure how that was even possible, but it totally happened. Needless to say it was hot. And I was thirsty. The thought crossed my mind to jump into/and or drink from any one of the nasty retention ponds I sweatily shuffled past.
When I finally did stumble in my my front door, I had a singular focus. I remembered a full, glorious bottle of water I'd stashed in the refrigerator. I yanked open the 'fridge' door, clumsily grabbed that bottle, unscrewed the cap (a miracle with my drippy fingers) and chugged the contents.
I have never chugged any liquid, so fast, in my entire life. Had there been a funnel involved, it would not have gotten down my throat any faster. Impressed yet?
I re-filled it and chugged another full bottle in record time.
There you have it. This training cycle has, in fact, produced an impressive Personal Record. Fastest Drinking, by me, to date.
To think I was feeling discouraged about my lack of progress...

What sort of dumb moves have you made, recently?

If given your choice of drinks, what would you chug fastest on a hot day?