Friday, September 14, 2012

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I think this post idea/tag originated from the cool ladies over at this site. I've enjoyed reading other bloggers answers so much, I took this other cool lady's advice and decided to post my own.

Within the next couple days, you will be lucky enough to forced to read my recap of tomorrow's First 5k of The Season (and post-injury) Which Will Be Immediately Followed By Fourteen More Miles of Running. It's a working title, but you get the gist. It's going to be an interesting day, running-wise, and I'm excited about the prospect of sharing all the horrific gory awesome details with you!

Until then, you get this :

1. Best run ever? Most recently, and the one that immediately comes to mind, is my 20-miler. I'd had a nightmare of a run, the prior week, when I ran 18 miles. I joined our running group to run 20 miles of a 22.5 mile loop. It was well-stocked with volunteers, water, goodies, company and quiet scenery. I felt good the entire time and couldn't wipe the stupid smile off my sweaty face from about mile 16 on.
action shot! Not really..that's a bunch of us stopping for water. I'm the one with the ratty hair hidden in a ratty bun.
2. Three words that describe your running? goal-oriented, necessary, life-changing
3. Your go-to running outfit? I'm typically a pre-dawn runner so I stick with bright colors. I have a couple blindingly bright neon shirts I rotate. My favorite bottoms are anything light and loose.
me, on the end, with the neon. And ratty ponytail.
4. Quirky habit while running? Hm. That would be an interesting question to ask the people I run with. Otherwise, it's not terribly quirky, but I like nice, even numbers. I'll take as many or few steps, at the end, to make sure my watch reads out a full mile. No willy-nilly, 2.84 milers for me.
5. Morning, midday, evening? (knock on wood) My body really adjust well to running any time of day. I'm consistently pretty darned happy just to be able to go for a run. The time of day isn't a big deal to me. As I said, though, I'm typically out before the sun.
6. I won't run outside when it's: ummmm...Lemme think...Yeah. I got nothin'
7. Worst injury-and how you got over it? I've had to take some time off for groin, hamstring and calf pulls, before.  I didn't really fully understand "injury" until my recent stress fracture, though. I got over it by babying that poor fibula, researching the topic and implementing what I learned and filling my non-running days with pool jogs.

boo! :(
8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when: I saw my name, in print, in a local magazine. It was on a list of The 2011 5k Fastest Times (run in FL, by Floridians). I would've never have imagined being recognized for anything athletic. Ever.
9. Next race is: Tomorrow!!
10. Potential running goal for 2013? I've set myself up for a dizzying amount of new running experiences, in the upcoming months. I hope to be injury-free enough to conquer my first marathon(s), survive my first relay (an ultra, no less!), enjoy some new PRs in races I already know I love and help some of my very favorite running buddies acheive some of their new goals. And, through the magic of Blogland, we all get to share those moments, together!! Whoopee!!
I'd love to read your answers to any or all of these questions, in the comments. Or, if you have a blog, and post your own, please share the link. :)




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  1. 4. Quirky habit while running- I look for things along the roadside that would be useful, post-apocalypse. Things to eat if I were starving, things I could use as weapons against zombies, etc.

    My answers to the rest of the questions are either boring, non-existent, or depressing. Can't wait to hear all about your race+14 miles!