Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun and Food Friday

Maybe this will be a weekly post. Maybe it won't. I guess you'll have to wait in suspense and excitement 'til next Friday.

Yesterday, I ran eight miles after I dropped all the kids off at school. My goal was to have the last five be at or near my marathon goal pace. Getting my speed back...up to speed (haha) since the injury has been a frustrating and discouraging process. While I realize 5 miles is nowhere near 26.2, I was still thrilled to hit my target pace, yesterday. In fact, my final (8th) mile was actually 30 seconds faster than my mgp! This leads me to believe that my mental game still needs quite a bit of work.
so expensive!

When I run more than 6 miles, or do speedwork, I like to refuel, immediately, with some healthy protein, electrolytes and calories. I've really enjoyed drinking these after my recent runs. This one is loaded with protein and is sweetened with only fruits and veggies. I think it's 140 calories with zero fat grams. It actually tastes really good, too! These babies have hit the spot, but, at $2.99 each I can't bring myself to make them a habit. :(
I bought these bottled smoothies only because they were Buy One Get One Free, at the supermarket. I have the ability to make my own smoothies, but never take the time to do so, for myself. When I do make them, they're for the boys so I can sneak in all sorts of veggies and vitamins they'd never usually eat. (sshhh!)
Any tasty, post-workout, food or drink favorites you want to share?
In other Fun Food News :
I had three lunch dates, today. Lunch #1 was with this handsome gentleman :
I eventually gave up trying to get him to stop chewing so I could take a picture

He also showed me how to dip cheesy, veggie crackers into raspberry jell-o. Gross, right?!

Lunch #2 involved this curly-headed stud :
mid-chew, as well
long, detailed story about their morning science experiment
He insisted on taking my pic, too. Fact: when I don't have ratty runhair, I sport an unruly, fluffy 'fro
Lunch #3 was less cute, more filling :

reheated pizza and a giant salad (not pictured, obviously). My favorite meal.
I thought of surprising my high-schooler with a lunch date from mom, too. Unfortunately, though, it's nearing the end of the September which means I've already used up my monthly allotment of Embarassing Parent Opportunities.
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

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  1. I splurged on one of those bottled green drinks a few weeks back, and I was so happy about it. Costco sold me the giant one, and I drank straight out of the bottle to mark my territory. It was so nice to be able to get a little sip of something green whenever I felt like it without have to clean up the blender afterwards.