Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth

not that one. This one's much less important...and has nothing to do with Mr. Gore.

I rarely weigh myself. When I was pregnant with my third (and final) child, I stopped looking at the scale at my regular OB visits. I knew I was making excellent dietary choices for me and the little one inside me. Beyond that, I didn't care about the numbers.

After I had him, that mentality stuck around. The older and more active I've gotten, the less concern I have had for what the scale says. I know I'm not under or overweight. As long as I'm eating and feeling great, what does it matter?

I hopped on the scale, a few weeks ago, just out of curiosity. While I wasn't unhappy with the outcome, it was higher than I'd thought it'd be. Having recently read an article on finding your ideal racing weight,  I decided to make some small changes to my diet to help myself be in tip-top shape for this upcoming marathon. I planned to maintain, or even increase, my calorie intake, as my running miles increased. However, I wanted to see if I could so by only cutting out the empty, junky calories and replacing them with good, healthy fuel.

Today, I broke down and stepped on the same scale at the same supermarket. I felt the need to confirm or (hopefully) disprove an unpleasant suspicion.


I have lost five pounds.

I eat pretty well to begin with, so there was really only one, major change to be made. A little over a week ago, I said "bye-bye" to my daily ice cream treat.

Pause for collective gasps and/or stunned silence

It wasn't supposed to happen this way! Not only have I lost weight (quickly!), but I also feel better overall. My running has felt spectacular, I haven't been hungry and I didn't experience any sort of withdrawl symptoms. On top of all that, our grocery bill has been lower. (my daily ice cream involved a lot of components)
again. sigh.

Until I can sort through this sad, inconvenient situation, I'll have to keep living vicariously through my treat-loving boys.

someone's got to keep the ice cream shoppe in business
Have you made a recent dietary changes?
What would your ideal ice cream sundae involve?