Thursday, October 18, 2012


...It's my First Giveaway!!

ps : The "first" part of both of those could end up being totally useless additions...

I'll do my best to keep this both fair and simple as possible. There are multiple prizes and multiple ways to win them. I think it will be painless for all involved, though.

Prize Number One : $25 Target Gift Card I was originally going to offer a Running Warehouse one, but I would like for this to be appealing to any non-running readers, as well. If you don't have a Target store, nearby, fear not. The card can be used for online purchases, as well.

fine print: I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by this store. This prize will be purchased by me and awarded to the winner from the goodness of my kind and loving heart.

How to win it: Predict my marathon finishing time. You'll need to submit an email (one per person) to runningmovesmeATgmailDOTcom, with your prediction. Please include hours:minutes:seconds to (hopefully) avoid too many duplicates. There won't be any need to comment on the blog for this entry, as your emailed prediction will be your entry. Should you choose "DNF" (did not finish) as your prediction, I will accept it as an entry. It will, however, hurt my heart a little. 
I have purposely not stated any concrete goals, for this race, so don't despair if you have no stinking idea when I'll cross that line. I've pre-written a "marathon goals" post, but it won't post until Sunday, 10/21/2012. This means your prediction must be submitted, via email, before 12:00, midnight, EST Sunday 10/21/12. Any entries received after that point will be disqualified.

fine print: in the event of two guesses being equally close to the actual finishing time, the lower number will ultimately be chosen. For obvious reasons. See time restrictions above, too.

Prize Number Two: $10 Starbucks Gift Card Don't like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, breakfast sandwiches, baked goods or (slightly overpriced mugs)? Give it to a friend. :)

fine print : I am also in no way affiliated with or sponsored by this store. I like you. I'd like to give you a present. The end.

How to win it: This one involves commenting. I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account, so I can't rightfully expect you to use yours to gain extra entries. Should you decide to blog or tweet about the giveaway or post it to your Facebook, that would be cool. The more friends the merrier, right?
  • If you do this, please tell me so in a comment.
  • If you already follow me, or decide to do so (only because you like me, no forced internet friendship, here!) you can leave another comment about that
  • Gina and Meggan are both running marathons on 10/21/2012, also. Go visit their blogs, wish them luck (you can tell 'em I sent you if you're nervous) and then comment back here, telling me you did so. (one entry/comment for each well-wish, if you visit both of them)
  • If you aren't comfortable pimping this giveaway, or being my friend, simply because I'm offering you prizes, a simple "good luck! Hope you don't die during your race!" comment will also count as an entry
fine print: Like the email predictions, all comments/entries must be submitted before 12:00, midnight, EST Sunday 10/21/12

If you win, you must be able to provide an address, within the United States, for me to send the gift card(s) ( can win both!).

this double rainbow wishes you lots of luck