Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unexpected, Undeserved, Under There

Under Where? (hahahahaha!) sends boys aged 5-14 into hysterics.

Have you heard of Niagara Falls? If so, consider yourself lucky, as the internet has not yet discovered this fine city.
With limited access, I only have a few minutes to update, but will bore bless you with a full recap as soon as we return home to Florida (aka, land of cell phone and internet coverage).

Unexpected : How much I loved, loved, loved every second of this marathon. I've never been much of a Distance Running Fan. I was also not expecting the gulping, hideous, happy sobs over my happy finishing time. (Neither were the frightened volunteers, for that matter)

Undeserved: The family and friend support that made this weekend both possible and 1,000,000,000 happier. The recap will contain endless gushing about this but I'll share one spoiler, for now : My sister flew herself (with infant daughter in tow) up here, to surprise me.
No single person deserves the amount of love and well-wishes I've been given.

In case you're just joining, and/or need an annoying reminder :

I raced 26.2 miles, today. I ran a marathon. I am officially a marathoner.

Oh, did I mention it was sub-4?

Be back soon with more...and pictures!!

Thank you all for caring, or at least being decent at pretending to do so.