Monday, October 8, 2012

Trusting the Process

There are less than two weeks left until my first, full marathon,! Crazy!! As I've posted, when everything running-wise got all cattywompus due to the injury, I decided to ditch my actual training plan (s). Instead I've been planning my workouts, rest days and cross-training based on feel.

 Somehow I've been able to shut everything else out and really stay tuned into the way my body is reacting on a daily basis. If I need extra sleep, I take it. If it feels like a long, slow run NEEDS to happen, I fit it in. Until race day, I have no real way to determine if I'm doing a good or dumb things.

So far, it feels right, though. Jinxes be darned, I feel pretty, stinking good, both physically and mentally. Even if this (epic-for-me) race turns out to be a disaster, I'll be able to honestly say how much I loved training for it. (minus the whole stress fracture fiasco, obviously)

I wanted to follow up Saturday's 16-miler with some relaxing recovery miles. Luckily, Sunday morning presented the perfect opportunity. Some of my favorite ladies, who also happen to be superduper runners, met up with me.

another example of a stellar photo op with my sister
quite possibly the world's most enthusiastic runner

the shadows make us look cool and mysterious, eh?
These three, lovely girlies are currently gliding through training for their very first half-marathon. Occasionally, they let me tag along and are unlucky enough to get to hear my neverending Running "Wisdom". It usually goes a little something like this : "Don't do what I did..."
When the four of us finished our run/gabfest, they all took their sweaty selves home and I was starving. As I was making a big breakfast, and thinking back on the week's runs, it was like a light switch flipped off.
Any "training" that was going to happen, in preparation for this marathon, was done. I felt an overwhelming need to stop stressing, start running for maintenance and just trust the work I've been able to put in.
When I woke up, this morning, I felt peaceful and blissfully relaxed. Bonus: I can totally write off my current sluggish mood and call it "tapering".  For example: Not wanting to waste any extra energy to deal with this room in my house, I left for a soothing, 2-mile walk. That's not what a person does when they're lazy. It's what they do when they taper.

 all those Legos...just waiting to be stepped on
Any other ideas to avoid both running and cleaning up Pokemon cards?