Friday, December 7, 2012

Adventrageous, Round Seven

Yesterday's post was pretty long-winded, so I'll keep this one brief. The gifts from me, to you, just keep on comin'...
At least six days per week, my attire looks something like this :
no, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. It doesn't even match.
I usually run right before or right after taking my kids to school, so this is pretty much my Morning Normal. Sweaty or pre-sweaty running clothes and shoes, a kid on each arm and a travel mug of coffee balanced precariously...somewhere.
This morning I had a 9:00 am meeting so I had to dig out "regular people" clothes. It wasn't easy.
pants that covered my entire leg. non-tech shirt.
not sneakers, even!
Sadly, not including my boys' comments, I received four remarks from parents and teachers regarding my outfit, within about 5 minutes.
"I almost didn't recognize you!"
"Did you get a job or something?"
"How are you going to run in that?!"
Soooo...apparently time to switch up the ol' daily look.
Today's share: Somewhat related to today's topic, even! Amira puts me to shame, in this category. She works out, like, every day AND manages to wear normal (even cute!) clothes the rest of the day. She's fairly new to blogging but already has a loyal following due to her openness, sense of humor and knowledge of fashion (among other qualities I'll never posess). 
Bonus: She's hoping to make her first, full marathon the same one I ran as my first!  We're kinda like twins...only she got the desire to shower and wash her hair, regularly and I am sweaty with old-lady hands.



  1. "Did you get a job or something?" - hahahhahahah that's a classic comment!
    I am SO much more comfortable in running clothes. But, I guess we have to make ourselves a useful part of society sometimes...

    Ok, the shout-out, TOO SWEET!! I had to read that back, like, did she say *my* name??

  2. Oh my gosh, that's so funny! I aspire to change whatever workplace I end up in to a running clothes only environment :)