Sunday, December 2, 2012

Adventrageous, Day 2

If you're confused by the "word" in today's title, feel free to refer to this. If you hadn't read the previous post, but were NOT confused by the strange title, you may have been hanging around me and/or my blog for too long.

I'm sorry about that.

Today's Topic: Good Enough is, sometimes, just that. My running, this past week, has felt uninspired and unmotivated. It's left me feeling completely unsure of myself, my training and my upcoming marathon.

I know this is probably right where I should be, actually. I'm coming off my last "hard" week, of the cycle. Things will start moving in a taper-ish direction and it will take some time to adjust. Still, it's not made me feel especially sunshine-y or rose-y.
Yesterday, though, I finally had a good run. It wasn't groundbreaking or any huge accomplishment. It was five, easy miles. I changed my route, ditched my watch and just simply ran. It didn't produce a spectacular "runner's high" or any good story fodder. As I was a marking down the details in my little running journal, though, I realized it had been Good Enough.
not pictured: the stickers decorating the front and back of the binder. Elementary School-style
For me, at this point in my training, Good Enough is...well...exactly that.
Today I'll be hippity skopping out for my last double-digit run before the marathon. While I'm shooting for a run in the Totally Rad category, Good Enough will certainly suffice.

Running blog share: I refer to this lady's words of wisdom enough to grant me SuperFan status. (If that were a thing, obviously) A lot of her posts are based on her personal experiences. In addition, though, she actually completed a Master's degree on the topic of enhancing bone recovery, in an effort to better understand Running injuries! I find her extremely knowledgable and inspirational. If you don't have time to read a ton of her blog entries, just pick a couple from this list.
You'll be hooked. 

Anything good happen to you, this weekend? Did you race? Tell me about it!!

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  1. I NEEDED this post! Thank you!

    No races but i'm sooo looking forward to a few bloggers reports after today!

    1. you're welcome.
      I love reading other race recaps, too!

  2. My life has felt a little uninspired and unmotivated lately (combo low exercise and end of the semester I think)! I guess it is good enough though, because I'm getting through :)

    1. hope the "good enough" carries you through to the "amazing" days to come.

  3. I didn't race this weekend but my husband did his first sprint tri! It was fun to be a spectator (and even jump in to volunteer as needed). I'm enjoying watching you get ready for your next marathon! Best wishes to you!

    1. thank you. Spectating is fun, too! So glad you got to be a part of his event.