My Current Gear (and such)

In the early days of keeping running, stats, I used some decent apps on my phone. This baby was a Christmas gift. I'm not terribly tech savvy, but I was able to acclimate myself with it effortlessly. After our 1st run together (me and the Garmin), one of my running buddies had to ask "did you just kiss your watch?!" ("yes", was the answer, btw)  

(with bonus ipod shot!!)
I don't love the long cord, but they're the only earbuds I've ever found to stay in my teeny, tiny earholes. I've used them in all sorts of conditions (for over a year) and they've never fallen out.

( Also, that splatter on my leg is exactly what it looks like. Ah, the beauty of running through cow pastures. )
I hear Brooks is retiring this shoe. I have them in 2 different colors and love them for speedwork.

My love for the Flows runs way too deep. Buying these was like finding "The One" when shopping for a wedding dress. It was love at first step. It was the Yin to my foot's Yang. I tried on the Cadence the day I found the Flows though, and really liked them, too. (almost had the employee convinced to let me buy one of each) They're actually very similar (to me, anyway) so I plan to rotate through both of them for most of my runs.

these compression socks
Thought you may have grown weary of seeing my lower legs and feet, by now. You're welcome for including a link, only.

I have these in a few colors. While I do wear them during runs (hills and long runs, in particular), I prefer them for after a hard workout.

All of this crap. I love playing with my stash! (is that weird)

If you have any questions about any of these products or anything I've failed to include, please ask away! I'd love to hear about your favorites, too!

If you want to see more photos of my lower legs, with or without cow poop, though, keep it to yourself. That really IS weird.

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