Monday, April 27, 2015

Bullet Points

How's that for an attention-grabbing title?!

I've been running! I've been reading running blogs! I just haven't been keeping mine updated. So many times I've sat down to spill the latest and am just too far behind to even start.

So, it's been decided. Some experiences from the past year will simply need to be shared. Others can be skipped. Posts must happen, though, and I have to start somewhere. Bullet points it shall be, followed by some stories from events passed AND current events.
At least I still look exactly the same. No tattoos, piercings or the like.

Since my last post, there have been crazy and/or awesome developments in my Running Life :
  • My first Boston Qualifying time wasn't fast enough to get me into the 2014 race. (oops. That one wasn't awesome or particularly crazy)
  • So I signed up for a 50-miler, instead.
  • I had a heartbreaking DNS*
  • So I signed up for a different 50-miler
  • Along the way I did some Pacing/Training*
That guy didn't run. He cheered and drank chocolate milk.
  • And secured a faster Boston Qualifier for 2015
  • My kids and husband became more than spectators.
  • I was lucky enough to find a fast, local running buddy. She lets me talk her ear off in exchange for training advice which she uses to beat me at races. It works.
Plus she has cute socks
  • We ran a beautifully-paced, negatively-split, Personal Best(s) half-marathon, together...up until the last .20 miles where she sprinted off to beat me.
  • I finally completed a 50-miler. The same issue that caused the previous DNS, threatened to end my race at mile 8.*
PRs make me do funny faces

  • I sidled out of my comfort zone and successfully paced an even faster marathon.
  • Team Shanghaied ran another Ragnar Florida Keys. And beat every. other. Ultra Team. That was a darned good weekend. *
  • I completed a 100-mile race. Sorry for the bold type. It deserves it. And "completed" is somewhat of an understatement.*
  • Three weeks later I ran the 119th Boston Marathon. It was worth the wait. Kind of.*
Which brings us all to one week, post-Boston. The *s indicate a juicy story to follow. I'll do my best to keep up with posts if you guys do your best to read my ramblings.