More Me and Contact

  • I have some very handsome men in my home.
  • Three of them I birthed.
  • The other I married in Las Vegas.
  • I started running, a little, after the birth of my middlest. I didn't realize how much I loved racing until after the birth of the littlest, though.
  • Joining a running group was one of the best (running) decisions I ever made. come run with us!!
  • I am insanely jealous of people who discovered running earlier in their lives, than I did.
  • Other than parenting, wife-ing, and all the activities associated with both, I coach High School Cross Country in the Fall and Track & Field in the Spring. If I'm not up yelling at my athletes, during their meets, or running a race, myself, I love to pace marathoners to exciting goals. ( 
  • If you spend any length of time with me and are not a runner, I will change that. Feel free to ask any of my friends and family... you'll have to catch up with them after their run, though.
  • My parents, in-laws, siblings, many nephews (and one niece!) all live nearby. Yes, I'm blessed. No...we are not expanding our family at this time.
  • I tend do everything to excess (other than showering)
  • I may be one of the last 2 people, in the free world, who does not have a Facebook account. Or Twitter...(edit: I think I'm the last. My friend joined Facebook, last year) update : I was forced into Twitter. I pretend it doesn't exist, most of the time. 
  • My obsession with greasy pizza and ice cream sundaes is (borderline) unhealthy. I also love veggies in any capacity, though, so I tell myself it balances out.
  • feel free to contact me at


  1. I never go on Google. I wish I could get this blog by email. Is it some kind of IQ test thing to make that happen?

  2. I'm not positive, but I think if you go to, you'll see any blogs you follow (including this one) in list form. You'll need to use your Google id to login. Every time there's a new post, it'll show up there.