Friday, December 14, 2012

Adventrageously Fourteen

Late Edit : I posted today's entry before the news of the Connecticut tragedy broke. I'm not a shallow, heartless blogger. However, I can't say or think about it, too much, just yet, though. It just takes me some time to try to process something that absolutely senseless.

Now that we've coined "Adventrageous" as an actual word, we can start using it in its various forms.

Today's Topic: Really boring occurrences which I have captured, in photos, to make them seem more exciting.

Now you may be thinking : "Wait a minute, there, lady!" "Isn't that what all your posts are about?"

No, my friends. The difference is, this post is only about that. Others actually offer of a pretense of containing interesting content, with some boring photos on the side.

really bad picture. really good cookies.
Thanks to this sweet blogger, I figured out what cookies I wanted to make for our Book Club's Christmas Extravaganza. When you visit her site, take note of how much better her photos are, too.
I've already eaten two, today. Why? They're delicious and they contain carbs.
Also, this happened:
I was trying to think of something lucky about all those sixes. No luck.
Please note this Odometer Excitment occurred in a different vehicle than the one from this post. No, you're not losing your mind. I really did share two different photos of two different odometers on the same blog.
Did you ever imagine you'd be fortunate enough to stumble upon reading material this compelling?
Today's Share: Haha! I snuck in a twoferone! The topic actually contains the blogshare. Go forth and visit Jade. Be entertained by her funny and bubbly stories. Make those cookies. Encourage her as she gets back into running after being out of comission.
Have you considered running a marathon after fueling solely on cookies? Me neither. (lie)



  1. I have indeed considered running a marathon after eating only cookies..and let me tell you, the picture was not pretty. All that fiber had me in every porta-potty on the course!

    The odometer..if the car is still running, it's a good sign!

  2. I can't believe I am a day late in seeing this! Aren't those cookies the BEST?? I really couldn't believe how good they were!

    I know, I really don't know what to say about the school shooting either :(