Sunday, December 30, 2012

Short & Sweet Holiday Sunday

Happy Week!

Happy Sunday!

Happy New Years Eve Eve!

Some of today's joys included but were not limited to :

managed to avoid *that* particular pile. Stepped in many others, I'm sure
A sunrise, 7+ mile, trail run. I haven't attempted one of these for months, after embarassing myself by getting lost so frequently. Happy to report this didn't happen, this morning!! Save your congratulatory responses, though. This is only because I faithfully stuck to a more experienced trail runner who led and paced us brilliantly.
38 degrees! Time to bust out the capris & tall socks.
hot cocoas in the sunshine
What's making you happy, today? 


  1. I would love to do more (some) trail running! I would get lost too. Yay for hot chocolate :)

  2. Not getting lost always makes me happy! Glad to know I'm not the only one! Napping is making me happy today!!

  3. Great. Now I want hot chocolate.

    Wait - we might have some! Hope hope hope!