Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Post

The running portion of my 2012 ended with uneventful miles. Sadly, I didn't make the connection, until after the run, that it'd be my final one of the year. I'd like to think that I'd have done something clever to commemorate it, had I realized it sooner.

Instead, I ran three, easy miles, with some running friends and then dropped my ipod.

I've got to find a better way to celebrate milestones.

Boo! :(
The worst part is that the resilient little sucker still works just fine. It refuses to be replaced.
Soon, I would like to  recap my running and racing from the previous year. I'd love to re-live some of the moments and hope to learn from the ones I'd prefer to pretend never happened. Today's not the day for all that, though.
Today is more about this:
Eraser Tea!
In a pathetic attempt to counteract the effects of this:
much tastier than tea
Before your start imagining me, as a wild partying animal, I have to confess I was the first guest to make my way up to bed. I did stay up past midnight (go, me!) but definitely won the Boring Old Lady Award.
Me and some non-boring ladies

Today also turned out to be an un-planned rest day from running. I'm sure my body is thanking me for the break, anyway. Tomorrow will likely involve a few more miles (what else can I drop and break?!) and more pathetic attempts to not stress about :

How did you ring in 2013?



  1. I could use some eraser tea today :) more from lack of sleep but I am sure the beer didn't help!

  2. Happy New Year! I'm incredibly boring and couldn't even make it to midnight. Have fun at Ragnar!!

  3. Do NOT NOT NOT replace your ipod. You have the last model that even remotely worked for runners! Cracked screen > touch screen, lol!

  4. I've been using the smooth move tea to erase whatever happened in my intestines. That junk works. Have fun ragnar-ing! I want to be there so badly!

  5. I rang in 2013 with some sick little babes...but can't wait to hear about your Ragnar recap :) That's been on my bucket list for a while...

  6. You need to post again soon. Folks'll start thinking you got eaten by an alligator during Ragnar.