Sunday, January 13, 2013

Re-grouping and Recovering

Out of our Ragnar Ultra team, I had the shortest total mileage. It still did a number on me, though. Although it was spread over two days, I felt exactly like I'd run a really hard marathon. Unfortunately, due to some more upcoming, exciting races, (more on those, soon!!) I wasn't really able to allow myself to just "take the week off"...or whatever it is smart runners do.

"she has the smallest biceps. Lets give her the baby miles!"

However, this never means I skip recovery altogether. I've learned the stupid hard way, that diligent and patient post-workout routines are key to maintaining the healthy, running lifestyle I've grown attached to.

The folks at this gorgeous-looking spa totally agreed with me. They contacted me in regards to providing me and my readers with some recovery tips. Simple, intelligent and useful...unlike my normal posts. (psst: that's how you'll know when my words end and the article begins!)

Thank you, Jerry, for providing this timely post!
How to Improve Your Recovery Time

Marathon training is not any easy task. It’s not just about the running. You must also
care for your body to ensure you’re prepared to run. This means a healthy diet and
injury prevention. Of course, you need a high-energy healthy diet, and you also
need to engage in copious stretching and massage. Here are a few examples based
on similar techniques used at leading spas including Áhsi’ Spa in upstate New York
and some suggestions for do-it-yourself (DIY) massage:

What Can I Gain From Pre-Marathon and Post-Marathon Massage?
Before you start training for a marathon, consider a massage to help the blood
circulate into the tissues. This warms your body and helps to prevent injury that
may occur during a marathon run. If the muscles are tight before a run, it is more
than likely to lead to a sprain or strain. Pre-marathon massages help to prepare the

The post-marathon massage can help to remove lactic acid from the muscles. With
lactic acids removed, you can heal faster, and the pain will dissipate. Every runner
needs to eliminate pain, and sports massage has been proven effective.

The muscles will also develop in a balanced manner with this use of sports
massage. Balanced muscles will eliminate injury and sprain. Scar tissue can also
be eliminated with the help of massage, and recovery time can be accelerated.
Massage has numerous benefits that are essential not only in marathon training, but
for runner’s at any skill level.

Try a DIY Massage With Self-Massage Tools Made From Household Goods
Massage with Canned Goods. Canned goods can help to alleviate pain in
the feet. Simply remove the label and place the canned good on the floor.
With your weight, press down on the can. As you press and roll the can back
and forth with your foot, the pressure will knead the tight muscles in your feet.
Canned goods are inexpensive and are commonly found in every household.

Massage with a Foam Roller or PVC Pipe. A PVC pipe can be used in
place of a foam roller if you cannot find one. If you roll your side over the PVC
pipe, the pain in the side will be eliminated. Consider how you can massage
with a foam roller or PVC to release tension and make healing easier.

Massage with a Tennis Ball. Tennis balls can also be used to knead the
muscles in the feet and in the legs. Consider buying tennis balls to eliminate
any pain in the feet.

Massage is the Key to Healing After a Big Run
After a marathon or any race massage accelerates healing times. There are not
many other methods as effective as massage. Consider incorporating massage into
your training regimen.

What's your tried & true recovery routine?

Do you spring for a massage on a regular basis?


  1. The only "professional" massages I have had are free chair massages at health fairs and from my physical therapist once. Someday, someday...

    Looking forward to hearing what your next races are!

  2. I actually get a massage after each race and at least once a month. I was so miserable I had one in Florida before I came home. I think they are really beneficial and a good massage therapist can make sure you stretch correctly and work out some of the tightness. If you use a therapist for your running, make sure you get a therapist that specializes in that type of sports massage.
    PS. I get them from Massage Envy - they are affordable AND I have found 2 therapist that are awesome!

  3. You may try to check out tools for effective muscle recovery. Aside from massage, this solution is very effective also.

  4. A) I'd LOVE to do a Ragnar someday..
    B) The ice bath after my 20 miler really helped & that was the hardest run (including the marathon & a 22 miler) of my training cycle!
    C) Would love regular massages, but I consider it a time & money luxury...I've always wanted to take a couple's massage class though!

  5. If my insurance paid for it, I would totally go for a massage. As is, they will pay for myofascial release from my PT, which is sort of massage like. So I do that every other week or so. I wish I could go regularly. But I get my kids to walk on my back a lot. For free!