Thursday, January 17, 2013

Poll Time

I love getting up really early to work, only to find out the remote server I connect to is down.


I'm trying to resurrect that phrase. Let me know if you're on board.

Today's regularly scheduled drivel will be replaced by something beneficial to me only for all of us. The potential racers will be grateful and you, the reader/commenter will be rewarded with a feeling of pride and satisfaction at how helpful you were.


If you were to be offered a One Mile Race, the weekend of Mother's Day, would you want it to be on Saturday morning (the day before Mother's Day) or Sunday morning (not too early)? The race would be Mom-Themed and very family-friendly. It would, of course, not be limited to those celebrating the holiday, though.

Soooo...that's about it, for now. Two simple questions :

Which day should the race fall on?

How do you feel about incorporating NOT! into your daily conversations?

Oops. Can't have a picture-less post!
"honey, does that say "the clam was hot"?"
"...because the water was hot, mom."


  1. I'm down with NOT.
    hmmm, I'd do Sat. morning!

  2. My choice would be Saturday because growing up, we would have served my mother a breakfast in bed that would have been impossible to run after :) Plus we had church afterward.

    The poor clam!

  3. Wait, NOT was out? ;)

    I'd choose Saturday.

  4. I'd choose Sunday.


    Hopefully this response makes 2 things clear:
    1. My vote is for Saturday
    2. NOT doesn't work

    If you decide against NOT (which I hope you do), please don't jump to psych. That is equally as cool as NOT.

  5. All the good answers are taken already.

  6. You probably already know this about me, but I'm pretty much down to run anytime, so I would sign up for the race either way. That said, it seems to me that most people would be more likely to run Saturday and rest Sunday. Or, you know, NOT.

  7. Also I'm wondering if you move a clam from hot water to cool, if maybe it will feel ...


  8. As a family who LOVES to run - Mother's Day. I think you should do mother-child teams with really fair age brackets for the kids, etc. to really try to keep it competitive for competitive runners, but family friendly too :)

  9. If there were a walk option, I'd say Sunday, since my momma is not a runner, but she loves to walk!