Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lucky 13

Is it a little weird/sad that when I typed "13", above, it didn't feel right. I had to fight the urge to add a ".1" after it. What's happened to my brain?

Today's Topic : A peek inside my world . My tiny, corner, desk/workstation, as it looked today :

Organization? I lack.

Some highlights :
  • The blue foam roller peeking out, on the right. I am proud to say that I remember to use it 5-7 days/per week. It took me a while to remember to do it, regularly.
  • The coffee warmer, on the left. That poor thing has been dropped and spilled on numerous times and keeps on warmin'.
  • The library book, with the cover strategically hidden under my grocery list. Last month's Book Club host's selection...not mine.
  • A 2013 calender that I've had out for over a month, to remind me to start filling in important dates. In all likelihood, that task will actually take place in early March of 2013. Until then, I'll keep pulling out the 2012 one, currently stuffed in the basket on the lower left, and getting frustrated that it still doesn't show the right date.
  • My fancy, black Organizer I bought to keep track of Running-related stuff : upcoming race promotions, contacts, Running Club activities, etc. I dutifully filled in pertinent information for about four days. After that, I started stuffing receipts, scraps of paper, and lists in and out of every couple (sadly) blank pages. I still carry it around and will continue to use it. I feel it makes me look immensely cool and important.
  • A plastic nose
Pretty sure it's part of these glasses. If not, someone has some 'splaining to do
  • A teeny, tiny cow with a teeny tiny suction cup. I'm not sure how it ended up there, but I like it.
  • 1,415 other random items
You can't see the monitors but I can guarantee one of them would show the predicted weather for Sunday, December 16th, in Jacksonville Florida. must.stop.obsessing.

Other than random body parts or farm animals, what do you have on your desk?


  1. hahahaha the plastic nose, I love. :D

    My desk is messy, lots of paper and stationary.
    I always have my Winnie the pooh bear on there that guy.

  2. I really lack organization too! I embrace it :) we have the same foam roller, yay! Same color anyway.

  3. 1. That picture will always make me laugh. Next time I'm sad, please show it to me again.
    2. What about a blogshare?