Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I wish I had a clever post associated with the date. I may have, at some point, actually.

Last night's Christmas party has rendered me mostly useless, though, today. I was up way past my bedtime and indulged, just a bit too much.

That's the cool thing about being a lame-o and rarely going out, though. The few times a year we get out of our "comfies", get babysitters and hang out with other adults pretty much allows us to get a little crazy. People tend to forgive us more easily with the "They don't get out much..." mindset.

this pretty much captures the overall feel of the night
Since I forced invited all my friends and family to join the running group, we get to go to group functions, together. Last night the West Volusia Runners held their annual Christmas party. The founder/president/runner extraordinaire, Jennifer, makes sure everyone has a fun time.
There was plenty of food and drinks, personalized awards, runners in Regular Clothes (i.e. shocked and awkward conversations when people start to recognize each other) and a cutthroat gift exchange. Perfect ingredients for a memorable party.
The husband was awarded the very sweet and appropriate "Wind Beneath Her Wings" certificate. He was recognized for always supporting me, in every way, for every one of my crazy running goals.
I was honored to be named :
Best Looking in a Boot
Almost made me want to break it out and model for everyone!
I did manage to drag myself out for my last, short speedwork before the marathon, this morning.
1 Mile Warm Up (this isn't going to be nearly as bad as I thought it would!)
4x400s w/active recovery between each (oh-ho! This is actually worse than I thought it would be!)
1 Mile Cool Down (I think that happened. I don't really remember much past the wind-sucking, dry heaving, head-throbbing bits)
Before the fuzziness in my brain takes over, again, I'll end with :
Today's Share: I'm a fairly new reader of Fit Fun Mom, but I'm so glad I found her. Like me, she recently completed her first Full Marathon (just over 4 hours, too!!), after years of running and racing. Unlike me, though, she actually offers readers posts that are useful. While it may be unfair that she's extremely intelligent AND a talented runner, she's earned her claim to both.
Any fun holiday events on your schedule? 


  1. Oh that looks like fun! I agree, seeing people in different clothes than usual can be quite jarring!

  2. Oh my goodness, that's me! And you said such nice things! Thank you for mentioning me and even more so for brightening my day with your kindness. Add that to the reasons why I follow your blog. :)

  3. The really sad part is that our *first* drinks are in that picture.

  4. Congrats on finishing your last pre-marathon speedwork! You are almost there!!

  5. That's sweet that the hubs got recognized for supporting you; I wish (may have to foce conversion) I had a running family...I'll just move to FL to adopt yours;-)