Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whole Lotta Nothing

"Random" seems to be a trend in the BlogWorld, today. I have no desire to rock the boat. Random it shall be!

This excitement nearly overwhelmed me, yesterday. I know the photo shows I was in "drive". Rest assured, I was actually stopped, in my driveway, foot on brake, while using my camera.

Some people take and share pics of Paris. You get my odometer.
You're welcome.
I have these shoes, shiny new AND discounted, sitting in an online shopping cart. Every time I pull up the browser to drool, longingly, though, I'm reminded "Tis not the time of year to buy gifts for yourself!" (click for pouty face) 
Maybe I can buy them for someone else and they can just give them to me?!
My hideous, Tuesday morning run was inexplicably followed by six, glorious, effortless, negative-splitting miles, this morning. This further solidified my theory that runners who suffer through awful workouts are rewarded by a beautiful one very soon after. (lack of scientific evidence for support keeps this in wishful thinking "theory" rather than "fact" mode)
Dear Running Gods, Please make my run on Dec. 15th the worst one of my entire life. Amen.
This week I learned how important it is for Yoga instructors to word their instructions, accurately. Feel free to try this move, if you're unable to simply picture the impossibility of it.
What was said :
"Laying on your backs, on your mats, squeeze the block between your thighs. Now...raise your hips and keep them elevated...good. Next, lift your feet so that they're hovering over your mat."
go ahead. Try it. I know you're dying to!
If you haven't already figured it out, the hip elevation was not supposed to happen. What resulted were some pretty comical (myself included, so it's totally cool to laugh about this) tumbles, groans, maneuvers and twists from the class. My sissy and I giggled about it, at the time.
In case you're wondering what we look like when we laugh, together
The jokes ended when we both woke up with body parts that were not meant to be that sore after a yoga session.
Tomorrow's rough tedious lucky schedule will include a Rest Day and an hour-long massage. (Still haven't used this baby!) 
Here's hoping the masseuse is skilled in working out "impossible yoga move" and "running 50 miles in 5 days" sorts of kinks...
What random tidbits would you like to share?