Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Fastie

bite-sized goodness
heaven in a giant bowl
1. Where have these things been, all my life?
2. Will someone please take them out of my life? Now.
Luckily, I can race off some of those (delicious) calories tomorrow morning.
This is a very small, local, race I've participated in the past 2 years. Small, as in, I was 1st Overall Female, last year with a underwhelming time of 46:02.
I've never done the 5k route. Both distances include some (Florida) hills, but "luckily" they're mostly at the end. 10ks are hard to come by, in this area, so we have to take what we can get. The way I figure, though, is I can still race against my own time. If that means I only win or lose to 4 other runners, so be it.
Some of my very best lady friends are running their first 10ks (!!) there, too. These are the same ones who just killed their old 5k PRs (personal records), so I expect this to be a fine morning for all. I'll be there to represent our running group, too. Just a bit more pressure to perform well.
January was the last time I raced (a 5k) and came away with a new PR. Every race after that, although fun and rewarding, did not produce record-breaking results.
It's time. For real.
What are your goals for your Saturday?


  1. Oh the peanut butter snickers is SOOOOO good!

    Good luck and have a great time racing tomorrow!
    I've got family coming for the week, so I'm looking forward to that :)

  2. I hope to avoid all sickies, clean my house, keep my baby from pulling furniture down on herself, find out that 5 y.o.'s T-Ball coach is the one we requested, and watch a (supposedly) great movie. No running 'til Sunday!