Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Round Two

While I don't feel I'm a slave to training plans, I do like having somewhat of a guide when venturing into unknown running territory. See, the day after I registered for my first marathon, I went ahead and signed up for my second (third...and fourth. I may have a problem).
more on this, soon!

Two days after my marathon, I felt completely fine. Yes, this could be a sign of good training. It could've also had something to do with the fact that I didn't actually run it at my "race pace". I am so happy with everything about that race, so I'm not regretting my pace. My current mentality, however, is along the lines of : Now we know we can successfully run for 26.2 miles. Let's do it faster!

Mr Higdon actually has training plans for idiots runners participating in multiple marathons. I jumped right into his 8 week plan, after the NFIM. A few days into it, though, I was feeling completely bored and unfulfilled. My body felt great and I was totally fired up. "2 easy-paced miles" for my daily workout was just not cutting it.

real snail. Not actually a picture of me...just what I felt like
I launched into some obsessive research and came up with a newer and decidedly tougher plan. Again, I'm not exactly Type A about running...or anything for that matter. However, I am definitely not experienced enough to try to improve my Marathon time "on the fly".
Plans are good.
Plans are our friends!
I'll end up with a lot of miles by the end of this first, full week. They'll include 7xHill Repeats, a 10 mile, goal marathon-paced run AND a long run. For some reason the daunting aspect of these workouts is making me ridiculously happy! I'm being rigid about my stretching, foam rolling, yoga, Epsom baths, compression and rest, too. Extra and/or difficult miles are only a teensy part of training.
really it's all an excuse to get to dress like this 
My new schedule is making me optimistic and deliciously spent at the end of each day. Had the ol' injury not joined the previous Prepping For a Marathon Party, I undoubtedly would have been able to train harder, then, too. All of my workouts, post-stress fracture, though, were forced to be altered. The fact that I was still able to succesfully complete a marathon, after all that, reinforces my belief that I went about things the right and patient way.
Granted, during my disgusting run, Sunday, I had to repeatedly remind myself : "This is what YOU wanted!". While the affirmation did nothing to stop my audible? mental whining, it did keep me going. (that, and the thought of the pizza I was going to devour upon finishing)
While I'd love to ramble more, here, I just realized the awful scent I keep catching a whiff of is actually me. Turns out I wasn't actually able to fit in a shower after running ten miles, this morning...
If you think that's nasty, you should check out my Marathon Souvenir:
Runners can be pretty gross, eh?
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