Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm Not a Vegetarian. I Just Eat Like One

I used to eat meat. I used to LOVE meat. In fact, I have no moral opposition to eating animals. A little over a year ago, meat simply stopped tasting good to me. (Book Recommendation #1 : this one)

It made me very sad, actually.

(dramatic pause)

 Lunchmeat went by the wayside. Grilled, fried, roasted, broiled, chopped, chipped, whole, boneless, T-Bone...I desperately tried to cling to some form of it. No longer was I even able to go enjoy a celebratory steak or burger. The Husband and I, while celebrating our 2nd/8th anniversary, in Lake Tahoe, had days of kid-free dining in our greedy grips.

i want to go (back) to there
Our first night in town we went to an awesome, hibachi-style place. Guests fill up their bowls with uncooked goodies and bring them to entertaining chefs. The bowls get tossed around, the food is lined up, in rows, and sizzles away on the giant grill while everyone watches and drools.
I was the total buzzkill with the teeny, tiny row of veggies and noodles, squeezed in between the piles of juicy steak and seafood. 
"oh. She must be a vegetarian"

I gamely ordered a Filet Mignon, when we went to the fancy-schmancy steakhouse the next night. Another disappointment.  
Every once in a while, I'll still try a couple bites of chicken...snag a meatball from one of the boys' spaghetti...taste some well-cooked Thanksgiving Turkey, etc. Sometimes I can get past a few bites. Other times I gag, immediately.
For some ridiculous reason, there is so much stigma associated with how much meat is involved in one's diet. In a group setting, I'm constantly feeling the need to give a lengthy explanation or defense regarding my veggie burger.
I'm pretty sure I have never given a second thought to anyone's food choices (cannibals, aside, obvs). Why this is such a Big Deal is a complete mystery, to me. I have no problem discussing or reading about the varying views on the Meat v. No Meat topic, though, especially concerning athletes. It's particularly interesting from my current "I Love But Don't Eat Meat" status...(Book Recommendation #2 : I'm not a big fan of him, per se, but there are some amazing recipes!)
What's the point of all this? I guess it's just to note that I haven't noticed a significant drop or boost in my overall health or fitness. I run longer distances than I ever did, but I don't necessarily attribute that to the absence of meat. Goals just changed.  My energy levels are high, I run and work out just as frequently and my clothes still fit me the same way they did years ago. (I don't update my wardrobe very often).

how I long for an ice-cream based diet

All this food talk is making me hungry. I'm going to go have my snack, and then knock out a 10-mile, marathon goal-paced run.
What are YOUR weekend plans? 
Read any good books, lately?