Sunday, November 18, 2012

Small Ones Are Sweeter

Anyone who can give me the source of that title wins a double, internet high-five from yours truly.

Women's Half Marathon (St Petersburg) 2011 : 1:45:35 (97 out of 4033)

Women's Half Marathon (St Petersburg) 2012: 1:41:37 (51 out of 3165)

(note : those totals include the men who raced. Their times are included in the results but they're not eligible for awards)

Big ol' PR from last year's race. My fastest Half Marathon of all (by a little bit).

I'll take it!! Happily, even.

It was such an awesome experience for special reasons I can't wait to share with you. I'll recap the whole thing, this week.

("YYYEEESSS!!" you're all thinking)

This accurately sums up the general mood of the entire race weekend, though.
hard-earned Cheers