Sunday, November 4, 2012

S&SS - "Recipe" Edition

Have you been having too many good-feeling or rewarding runs, lately?

Want to mix things up and toss in miles horrendous enough to make you wish a sinkhole would open up and swallow you so you don't have to run another step?

I have the formula to produce what you're looking for! The process takes a couple of days, so be sure to set aside enough time and follow the instructions, carefully.

Ingredients :
  • 1 hilly 10k race, run hard
  • 3 hours of soccer games
  • 1 annoyed afternoon with no soreness, leading you to believe you hadn't raced at maximum effort, after all
  • 1 ill-timed core workout, due to the lack of pain from race
  • 4-6 friends
  • 2 (many) adult beverages
  • 0 allergy medications
  • 12 additional, hilly miles
  • 75 degrees (normally this temperature could be combined with shade and/or clouds. You won't need either for this recipe)
  • Run the hard and fast race, on a challenging course. Optional : wear racing flats you haven't used in months!
  • Sneak in some half-hearted stretching while watching your kids run around, outdoors.
  • Spend the rest of the day deciding if you're happy or sad that you're not experiencing any aches or pains from the morning's race.
  • Go ahead and try a new Abs Workout routine
  • Invite over friends and family to hang out and watch an outdoor movie. Make sure you stay up with them well past your bedtime. For best results, eat and/or drink more than necessary, as well.
  • Forget to take your allergy pill
  • Wake up the following morning, stuffy and congested, with the worst case of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) you have ever had. (Pain from your ribcage to your toes, preferrably)
  • Decide to go ahead and run your 12, scheduled miles, anyway.
  • Idiotically forget the fact that gorgeous, cooler weather that graced your fine city, last week is gone. Realize this when you're 4 miles into the blazing hot run, check your phone and see that the current temperature is not appealing to any normal people...runners or otherwise.
  • Don't forget to complain to your internet friends about a situation you had total control over and simply made poor choices. Repeatedly.
  • Enjoy!
Do you have a favorite recipe to share?


  1. I'm envious of 75 degrees...just saying! Sounds like you're having some fun though...way to get out there for a LR...that's something I haven't done yet! More for lack of actually sounds appealing;-)

    1. the 75 degrees you're picturing are not "late summer, breezy and/or crisp". Florida, Autumn, 75 degree days are dumb and humid. Nothing to be jealous of, luckily...;)

  2. This is funny! I think I will NOT try this recipe :)

    1. ...I wouldn't recommend it. Thanks for the shout out & nomination, too! I'll have to work on a post for it...

  3. Oh that is quite the recipe. I've had a few pretty disastrous recipes in my day! Most of them involve my stupidity in pushing faster & harder than I should. ;)

    1. ooh. Stupidity and ill-timed speed! Some of my other favorite ingredients.

  4. Replies
    1. thanks! At least I can look back on it and

  5. This would make a fine bullet-point article in Runners World. Just saying.

  6. Also, I nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award! Check out the rules here: