Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 4 of Adventrageous

"Mom, seriously, what were you thinking trying to blog for 25 days straight?!"

Today's Topic: Blogstuffs. Although fairly new to blogging, I've already learned some valuable lessons about myself in this new venture.
  1. When the kids are home and needing snacks, love and refereeing, I produce awful posts and it gives me cold sweats and headaches to even attempt it. Nighttime results in slightly more read-able babble, but I can't guarantee good results due to my tired brain. If ever you happen to read a post from me, that seems somewhat intelligent and/or humorous, be proud of your secret knowledge that it was typed in the morning.
  2. While the novelty may someday wear off, I LOVE getting comments. If no one ever read my drivel, I think I'd (sadly) still keep cranking it out. Getting confirmation that people are, at the very least, taking the time to put my page on their browser, makes me feel giddy. Also, I've been lucky enough that the comments, thus far, have been nothing but kind, funny and awesome. I guess that's what I should expect, coming from the people who read this.
  3. I should think decisions like "ooh! I should post for 25 days in a row through before impulsively launching into it. Pretty sure there's not actually that much subject matter in my brain. May need to start making up stories...
  4. I love having the ability to go back and look at posts like this or this when I'm feeling grumpy about a recent run.
No one wanted to venture a guess regarding the boys' advent surprise, from yesterday. It's okay. It's very unlikely you would've guessed correctly. Had any of you typed "plastic fangs" as your answer, I probably would've been terrified, anyway.

Nothing evokes the Spirit of Christmas more than slobbery fangs
Noteworthy tangent: There's a weird sound, outside, that reminds me of someone riding a pogo stick. It's making me want to go out and buy one. I was a spectacular pogo-er, back in the day...when I was 7. Think that's one of those "riding a bike skills?"
Ha! Now you're totally confused about what time of day I typed this up. It quickly went from semi-intelligent to totally weird and random, eh?
Today's Share: Just because this lady  is very well-known in the running & blogging community, doesn't mean she doesn't deserve mention. Hers was the second blog I bookmarked, back when I first stumbled into the magical world of Reading About Other People's Lives and Training Instead of Doing Laundry. If that's what you're currently doing, stop. Go take the clothes out of the washer, put them in the dryer and then come sit back down. (preferably with a piece of candy or your fourth cup of coffee) It's all about balance, people.
Anyway, there are very few off-limit subjects on www.shutupandrun.net. Which is why we like her. Mixed with all the fart talk, though, are some actual knowledge and tools. Here are a couple of examples :
Those are just a couple of the ones I pass onto friends and enjoy reading, myself. Even if you're familiar with her blog, go check out some entries you may have missed.
Next up : My newest Runventure that involved Capri Suns and Wild Boars (obviously)



  1. Comments are a little like crack, although I have never tried crack, but you get what I mean.

    Love the little fanged guy :) I used to try to post everyday, but now am happy for three days a week :)

    1. yeah, after this crazy streak I'll settle back into a couple posts per week, for sure.

  2. You're already on day four...you can do it!

    Pogo champion? Put that on YOUR Xmas list;-)

    1. ha! You're the kind of cheerleader I need during a long race!

  3. I'm REALLY behind sometimes in the running world. I think I've seen Shut up and Run a couple of times, but haven't had the time to really check her out yet - thank you!

    1. you're welcome. So many blogs, so little time...