Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Keeping the Streak Alive on Day Five

Rain, rain...go away.
Come again another day
'Cause faced with a tempo run on a treadmill?
I'd probably rather lay down in an anthill

Today's story:  yes I realize sometimes it's a "topic" and sometimes it's a "story". Other times it may be something even more random. My blog. My rules. (or lack thereof)
Yesterday was my first time hosting a Group Run, with the Running Club I joined over a year ago. Had someone told me, two years ago, that I'd someday be not only an active member of an RRCA Running Club, but also an officer/co-organizer, I really would not have believed them. I also would've wondered why they came back, from the future, to give me such mundane news.
When I started running I was all alone. It was completely random. I didn't do it to train for a race or event, nor was I joining a group of girlfriends for a new exercise routine. I put on my (then) crappy shoes, walked out my front door, and ran. I didn't know any other way. It wasn't until I showed up for my first race that I really saw that there were actually hundreds of people, in my community, that shared a similar interest.
Even after that, though, other than a handful of runs with my newly back-to-running dad and/or new-to-running sister, I generally set out alone. I wasn't (and am not) a running snob. It just made more sense, scheduling-wise, and was very much in my comfort zone.
Now, while I still end up setting out, alone, for most of my runs, I make it a point to schedule in one or two group runs each week. The benefits are ones I never could have imagined. Running with friends, both in and outside of the West Volusia Runners, has improved my overall training and given me a deeper love for the sport I was already totally infatuated with.
not pictured : me. They always seem to wait 'til I leave before taking a group photo
When asked to accept the newly vacated spot of Secretary, and take on the responsibilites associated with it, I immediately balked. And deleted the email.
Then, I took a couple days to try to, once again, wiggle a little more out of my cozy comfort zone. I love running. I love runners. I love my running group. Why would I not give a little extra bit of my time and energy to this "thing" that I love?
Fast-forward past an extremely awkward acceptance speech at our annual meeting to yesterday's run.
I brought my $4, styrofoam cooler full of cold waters and (bonus!) Capri Suns and ran with the group, that had rsvp'd, on a familiar paved trail. I didn't lose anyone, nor did I get myself lost. (double-win!)
There was only one Wild Boar sighting, but it didn't end with any trauma. All-around success that left everyone exercised, refreshed and in enjoyment of one another's company.
Step outside your comfort zone every once in a while. You'll be glad you did.
Today's Share: Find a local running group. Get a friend or family member to join you, if you're terrified of such things. You can even find groups to join, while you're on vacation and need a good, safe place to run. We've had out-of-towners do the same with our group. They're welcomed and treated like celebrities.
I actually went to far as to look up a running group in the area we travelled to, this past Summer. I saw they had a group track workout one of the days we'd be in town!
So, I ran, from our hotel, to the track...about 10 hours before they'd be showing up. Not quite ready for that sort of interactive craziness, yet... 
No need to venture TOO far out of the comfort zone, people
Have you survived any recent, new experiences?



  1. Ok. You have really got me wanting to try a running group again.
    I went ONCE before, but just really felt a bit out of place and uncomfortable.. I'm not sure if it was the group itself or just me..but I'd love to find somewhere that I can go to switch things up a bit!

    1. I will say, I felt pretty out of place for a while, too. Runners, in general, can be fairly awkward, socially. I stuck it out, though, and kinda forced myself to be involved in conversations & stuff.

  2. I've wanted to join a running group forever, but the only ones directly in my area is a pay-to-play type; is that how yours works?

    I just assumed it should be free or a small nominal annual fee?

    The only one close (within 15ish minutes of home, which is as far as I can justify driving TO GO AND RUN) have a monthly membership at hundreds of $'s per/mo, which just really isn't in my time or $ budget at this point...ah well!

    I even went so far as to put out a FB status request to my "friends," hoping one of their "friends" would be interested in a running partner during my marathon training...nothing like crickets to make you feel popular!

    1. You should start your own group! I'm not sure exactly how the West Volusia Runners started (I'm in it, too) but people join through the website I'm fairly sure it's cheap or free to start a group on the site, and then if there are other people searching for keywords "running group" in your area, they'll find your page. We pay $10/year in dues, and are sometimes asked to donate bottled waters. There is also a facebook group page where a lot of people interact, but the group run schedule isn't posted on there; it's only on the Meetup site. Slightly more secure that way, I think.

    2. ...what she said. :)

      and I'm sorry about your lame-o FB friends. :(

  3. I have also thought about joining a running group, but I can think of lots of reasons not to do it (read: nervous). I like the idea about by Rhiannon about starting your own running group. Maybe I will look into that, or what is already happening in my neighborhood.

    You are funny, especially the "I also would've wondered why they came back, from the future, to give me such mundane news." Cracks me up!

    1. I am NOT outgoing, in the slightest. You have to just kind of let go of that fear and realize you're all out there to run. period.
      You can do it!!