Sunday, August 19, 2012

Short and Sweet Sunday II

Condensed version of an excellent weekend

I discovered a new (to me) feature of my Garmin! Did you know it can also be used as just a watch?! I'll paraphrase the owner's manual : "This comes in handy for injury recoverers (new word, too!) who are timing walk/run intervals and not worrying about pace. "

If you're a savvy reader, you've also realized this means my weekend (finally!!) consisted of a teensy bit of actual, real, sweaty, awful horrid,  long-awaited running. (more on this, later)

our new Freshman opted out of the matching Mario backpack. Weird, huh?

This also means that just before the boys embark on a new, school-ish adventure, I get to re-join some running friends for a treasured, 5 am , slow and careful jaunt.
I really did set out their school stuff before my running gear. Really!

Happy Weekend. Happy Week ahead. Hope yours was/is every bit as much!

What are you looking forward to this week? 


  1. My son starts kindergarten this week and I am going to Oregon for the Hood to Cast relay! Epic week for me!

    1. Wow. Epic, for sure!
      I have a feeling you'll both have some awesome stories to share with each other afterwards. :)
      Enjoy your relay!! Can't wait to read your recap.

  2. I think it's no coincidence your shoes are extra sparkly.

    1. ...and I always thought they just looked like that to my eyes!