Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tag! I'm It. (and so are you)

I'm fairly new to the World O' Blog. I've come to learn, though, that being "tagged" is as serious as a Double-Dare. You're left without a choice. You have to succumb.

So, thanks to this lady you all get to learn way more about me than you ever cared to know AND share cool things about yourself, too! (woo hoo!)

Rules :
1. Post 11 things about yourself
2. Answer questions the tagger sent for you
3. Choose 11  some other people and link them to your post
4. Notify the people you've tagged
5. No tag-backs!

Random things about me (In no particular order of importance or significance)

1. I have played in The World Series of Poker and would love to do it, again. I still love the game, but running's taken priority, hobby-wise.

2. I LOVE flip-flops. Other than running shoes, they're about all I wear. You seeing this Brooks? New Balance? Make some running shoes that look like flip-flops and I'll buy the heck out of 'em!
Flip-Flops & snow. you can take me out of Florida, but you can't take the Florida out of me.

3. I eat an ice cream sundae, every day, after my lunch. The toppings and flavors vary, but the tradition remains. It gets to be a problem when I'm out for a meal and have to rush back home for my daily sundae...

4. I'm excellent at finding lost items. It's a gift. I can even find teensy, weensy shark's teeth :
5. My nose is really crooked. I've found that I inadvertently tilt my head the opposite way when being photographed. I don't think it helps...

6. The company I work for started an entire department devoted to work-from-home employees, based on my suggestion. I was the guinea pig and it's been running smoothly for over 8 years, now!

7. The songs that motivate me most, during a tough race : cheesy, 80's pop. Sad, but true. The theme from "Rocky". Yawn. Taylor Dayne screeching at me to "Tell it To My Heart"...I can bust into a gear I never knew I posessed.

8. I have zero fashion sense. None. This may further explain my love for flip-flops... 

9. I have never seen the West Coast of the US...or the Pacific Ocean.

10. When I'm too old (or decrepit) to participate in races, I'd love to travel the world, managing races. I think it'd be SO fun to bring the joy of racing to other runners.

11. Most embarrassing driving story? I hit a cow and totalled a Jeep Cherokee.

Questions we all get to answer :

1. What is your favorite run/race/activity you have participated in? I think I smiled the most during The Disney World Half Marathon. I'm not even a huge Disney junkie, but it's easy to get caught up in "the magic". :)

2. Do you run with a group or solo? I ran solo for many years. No one in my family or circle of friends were runners (then). Almost exactly one year ago, I joined a local running group. I still run by myself a few times a week, but love the group runs and friendships I've made with them.

3. What part of the country do you live in: Florida. I was born in a different state, but have lived here since I was less than 2. I hope to never leave.

4. What is your favorite machine at the gym? I have no clue how to use any machine other than the treadmill. (and even that's a little iffy...)

5. What healthy dish do you like to make? I love to make healthy wraps, sandwiches and bowls of concoctions. For lunch I made a bowl of couscous w/diced tomatoes, torn spinach, pumpkin seeds, chia, and a drizzle of olive oil & balsamic vinegar. mmmmm...

6. What is your favorite easy snack food? rice or almond crackers & hummus. Or greek yogurt w/granola, chia & berries. Or almonds and grapes. I like snacks. A lot.

7. What brand of athletic shoe do you prefer? I've been running in and loving the new(ish)  Brooks Pure line.

8. Who is your favorite athlete? I'm inspired by a lot of runners, but I don't know that I really have a favorite.

9. What sport do you wish you could compete in the Olympics? Winter : Luge. (it'd be like a teeny roller coaster, right?!) Summer : 10,000 meter or marathon

10. Red, white or blue: Red. I'm told I "look good" in the color. Whatever that means...

11. Favorite Travel Spot: We've found plenty of good places to ski, but no "perfect" spot, yet. It's fun to keep looking, though! In the Summer, I love my sister-in-law's house in Ontario Canada. Just gorgeous.

You're it:

Hope everyone can find some time to play and has more interesting things to share than I did. ;) In the meantime, everyone else can check out their blogs. C'mon...I double-dare you.


  1. I better get on that!!:) thanks for the tag:)

  2. How fun to get a little more info about you! I will respond soon.

  3. No idea where you got that 'ice cream' thing. And where's the rest of the tiny shark, huh?

    Yeah. That's right. Show me the sharky!

  4. Thanks for the tag! Working on the post right now.

  5. Just in case anyone doubts the truth of the ice cream sundae bit, here's an actual conversation that took place:

    Me: Do you want to come over for lunch?
    Jayloh: Um
    Me: I have ice cream.
    Jayloh: What kind?
    Me: Cookies-n-cream
    Jayloh: And...
    Me: That's it. But it's Breyer's! And I have chocolate chips and stuff.
    Jayloh: Well, I think I need to stay home for lunch today.'s just...
    Me: You can bring your own ice cream
    Jayloh: *long pause* That's a lot of packing of ingredients. I'll just stay home. Thanks anyway!

    1. I wish :
      a. your memory was worse
      b. this weren't such an accurate account of our conversation
      c. you'd just get the necessary ice cream and toppings