Friday, August 10, 2012

It's No Joke

Today's running workout consisted of the following :
  • 5 min., dynamic warmup
  • 6x5 min hard
  • 1 min jog between
  • 5 min cooldown, including stretching
Before my dad anyone starts to panic, this morning's run took place here :

site of the now infamous sandal attack

I woke up before my alarm went off. (thanks, Middlest, and your excessive sniffling!)
I've got the pre-run setup down to a science, now, so it doesn't take me too long to get everything ready. The hand-held water bottle, garmin, sports bra, shorts, dri-fit shirt and running shoes have been replaced. There are just a few, key components that need to be gathered up before I can head out the door.

fashionable aqua belt, dirty flip-flops, towel (complete with Oldest's name all over it from Summer Camp), sunglasses (which I don't even use), pool pass, car keys and oversized Christmas nightshirt to use as coverup. (last nights pjs = morning's pool attire. Less laundry AND a uniquely stunning look. Genius, right?!) 

Yep. Until my stress fracture is completely healed, my feet shalt not pound the pavement. Not only is this a huge setback, physically, (I'm in the middle of training for my first marathon) but it also makes me just a big mess, mentally. When I somewhat accepted the fact that this injury was going to take considerable time to heal,  I dove (haha...pool-talk) into researching safe ways to cross-train/maintain sanity.

While stationary biking is generally acceptable, it doesn't work the same muscle groups as running does. Due to he nature of my injury, the Elliptical machine was out. Swimming is a great, all-around exercise, but, again, doesn't mimic running in any way.

The best alternative I found was pool running or aqua jogging. See for yourself here and here. Elites use it as a training tool as rehab AND even when they're not injured! This fast lady is a huge advocate and I found a lot of useful posts on her blog. I read every article I could get my hands on and watched YouTube videos like it was my job. It took me a couple (comical) tries before I mastered the method. I did, eventually, figure out how to do it without the AquaBelt. The Belt really helps maintain proper form, though. complements my $19.99 TJMaxx swimsuit like you wouldn't believe!

Another cool fact : Workouts, like todays, make me work up an actual sweat. In the water...dripping in my eyes, frizzing up my hair sort of sweat. Crazy, huh? So, while I may look really silly, "running" back and forth down the length of the pool, this form of running is hard work.

And I love every second of it.  

Have you ever tried deep water aqua jogging?

Which Summer Accessory are you more jealous of : My boot or that belt?


  1. So sorry you are injured. I've never tried aqua jogging but my friends who've had stress fractures have and it has been good for them. Hope you heal very very quickly!

  2. Thank you for stopping by for encouragement. I have high hopes for a full recovery. It's just the patience that's SO hard to hold onto...