Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tipped-Over Chairs = Happy Feet

Alternate Post Title : The Sandals Made Me Do It (thanks, dad!)

The Cleaner Guy at our community pool and I are tight, these days. (Ignore the fact that I call him Cleaner Guy. You don't need to know someone's name to be tight.) He's generally finishing up his job when I arrive to start my deep water running. (I'll have a whole post on this, soon!!) CG and I make small talk, wish each other well and he runs back to his truck to laugh at how dorky I look. It's a morning routine and it works for us.

So, I, in my $19.99 TJMaxx sensible swimsuit, showed up to see him putting a complicated lock on the gate, this morning. We had a different sort of conversation.

Me : "Um...that doesn't look too promising"
CG: "Nope. We had some sandals in here. Can't let anyone in"

At this point, you're probably as confused as I was. Turns out he actually said "vandals".

CG: "Yep. They broke a light...knocked over a chair. Gonna need to keep everyone out for now."
Me : "Listen, CG, I'll just use the sun, as my source of light, this morning. Also, I wasn't gonna use *that* chair, anyway. How about you just let me sneak on in there?"

My last statement may or may not have only been in my head as CG gave me his usual "poor, weird, lady" wave and walked away.

But, wait! It's okay! Crisis averted. Per this brilliant (and superfast) lady's post I was getting antsy to try a gentle walk, anyway.

Went back home, changed outfits, paused for a moment of silence while I looked at both feet (finally!) clad in running shoes, and fought the urge to skip out the front door.

While the above photo may be a little scary-looking, it conveys the way I felt moving my feet, painlessly, on dry land. Happy Walk, Happy Feet, Happy Morning!

My actual feet, this morning. If  you listen closely, you can hear them cheering!

How was *your* morning?