Friday, February 19, 2016

Guess What?

Chicken butt.


He likes my jokes. 

Other than knee-slapping humor, I don't have much to share at this time. The amount of time that has elapsed, with no updates or progress, is making people feel helpless and anxious. 

I get that. 

By some stroke of luck, I have been able to tap into some sort of calm, zen state of mind about the situation. While I would love to have the pain gone, receive answers about what the "undefined" growth might be and how to fix it...I don't. I am confident that all of that is coming, though. That thought is enough to keep me at peace, for now. 

That explanation isn't some backward way of bragging. It's simply to explain this : I don't stress about it until someone reminds me to. 

Moving on...

Boring details! It took quite a while for my primary care doctor's office to gather all of the necessary information to submit to insurance. It was finally set and sent on Monday, 02/15. We have since learned that our insurance company has up to two weeks to process the scans, doctor's notes and recommendations. 

If the company decides to approve of the current plan, they will contact the Mayo Clinic who will then call me to set up an appointment with their Orthopedic Oncologist. 

I've also seen it spelled "Orthopaedic" and really enjoy that variation. 

The pain remains. While it is not the acute, I-need-a-wheelchair-at-the-airport, pain of December, it still lingers. Annoyingly. 

Despite this, I've been a bit more active, this week. I'm keeping a close eye on my heart rate and keeping it low as I test out some run-walks. While it doesn't feel like "Yeah! I'm running!", it's worlds better than being completely inactive. 

I guess. It mostly still sucks. 

And when I'm not talking, I'm thinking about it. 

Update: I just received a call from the processing department. The request has been approved and Mayo Clinic will be calling me to schedule an appointment. 

Thank you for all the crossed fingers, positive thoughts and prayers. It totally worked! I'll let you know your next task, soon. 


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