Thursday, October 4, 2012

Burning Questions

I've been in need of some decent sunglasses, to wear while running, for a few months. Every once in a while I'll wear a hat or visor to keep the squinting at bay. However, I've noticed when I wear those, it intensifies the sound of my breathing, to my ears. It feels like my head's in a box and the sound of my hideous, labored breath is all I can hear.


Runglasses are the obvious fix but my "thriftiness" has prevented me from buying any. The cheapest ones I've found are about 3x more than I generally spend on a pair of sunglasses. I tried running in my regular, $10 shades, but they envelope way too much of my crooked face. Within about 5 seconds, pools of sweat built up behind the lenses and I was temporarily cursing...screaming...blinded.

Right before a 5k, in April, I counted out my change to splurge for another ($10) pair that were much lighter and allowed a bit of a breeze. Also, they had pretty purple frames.
hoping my face conveys how happy I am with those glasses
I tried them out while running my warm-up for the race. They bounced up and down so hard I thought I'd have a bloody forehead AND chin by the time I'd ripped them off my face. It was also too late to run them back to the car so I was stuck carrying the stupid things for the entire race. (1st in my division, though. Maybe they really are good for something!)
Since then I've stuck to squinting and cursing the sun for burning my poor eyes.
Today, though, I broke down and spent a whopping $30.00 on a pair that may actually be designed for some sort of physical activity.
man, my pictures are phenomenal, today!
I haven't tested them, yet, but will be happy to report back when I do. Try to refrain from holding your breath in suspense.
Until then, How do you keep the sun out of your eyes, while you run? Any good sunglass recommendations?
Finally, Have you ever seen anything more frightening than my neck, while I was trying on sunglasses?

 what the heck is that? Am I really that old?!


  1. I just buy $3 or $4 dollar-store or gas station glasses, in some sporty style that doesn't slip as much. They do a decent job and I don't worry when I sit on a pair.

    1. you inspired me to return the $30 ones and head to the $1 store...