Friday, March 11, 2016

Ready to Celebrate

After 3+ months of physical pain and uncertainty, I really am.

If we are all focusing our efforts on The Power of Positive Thinking, let's be clear on what we are hoping for at today's appointment at The Mayo Clinic.

Another step towards a definitive answer and plan of action is almost inevitable, so let's not waste too much effort on that one.

This is what I am still pulling for : "All of this tumor talk was nonsense. You have an injury, plain and simple. Here it is, on this scan. I am certain and you can be, too." 

When Dr. Sherman tells me that, we will giddily drive home, share the good news with everyone we know (whether you all like it or not) and crack open this baby :

Thank you, sweet friend 

Enjoy your Fridays, knock out a few miles for me and we will all re-group, soon, to celebrate, together. 


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