Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let Me 'Splain

...No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

from where most of my daily speech is derived
For every day that passes, without a blog post, the stories just start to build, exponentially. There are so many mundane, boring cool things I want to share! The longer it takes, though, the longer the blog-in-my-brain gets. No one wants to read the accumulation of the last two weeks. Right?
Tangent Alert!!
I should take blogging lessons from family members. For example: The Husband. Short, sweet, and to the point. Or I could make my posts extremely clever and awesome,  like my sissy's.  My Aunt, however, is an actual, real, live author so I have marginal chances of competing with her witticisms. Maybe I'll just be more like my dad and take a never-ending hiatus...
Anyway... here are a couple of quickie highlights. I sincerely hope to re-cap a couple of things, at length. I'm generally pretty good at following through with those threats plans.
I had a really, really, REALLY good half-marathon!!
ignore creepy background guy...and my frizzy hair
I made a 10-foot ReptileFriend on my latest trail run!!

I would've totally befriended the 4 ft gator, too, but the big one had already started eating him
I started working, part-time, with a company I love, doing work I love even more!!
Pretty much sums up "win-win"

I'll be running my third and (hopefully) fastest Marathon, this Sunday!!
I don't have a photo to include with this. It hasn't actually happened, yet. This is the race, though. I was part of the marathon relay, last year, and stupidly decided to run all of those miles by myself, this time. Woo hoo!!
We'll all catch up, soon. You bring coffee or tea (your choice) and I'll bring the ice cream.  
What flavor would you like?