Monday, May 13, 2013

Every Day is Mother's Day

Well...not really. The title simply helps justify a Mother's Day-themed post written a day late.
My blog. My rules.
Life's all about balance. Today's example :
When you spend a couple of hours, on Mother's Day, running miles in these sorts of conditions :
that "partly cloudy" description was a lie. Unless sweat in the eyes counts as "clouds"
You have to balance it out with spending a greater or equal amount of time doing things like this:
bliss for the boys and their mama
I hope all of your Sundays were awesome. Next up : Balancing blog-posting laziness with...well...un-laziness. 



  1. Welcome back! I've missed your sarcasm in my life;-)

  2. Pretty sure my kids (and maybe husband, too) think that every day is Mother's Day.

    Em. That sounds like the opposite of what I meant, but now I think that what I meant was kinda mean-spirited, so I'll not change it. :)

  3. A belated Happy Mother's Day to you! I had a similar run-in-the-heat the other day and it was not fun and I did not last 2 hours like you! I'm glad you got some running and some sunning in. :)

  4. "My blog. My rules." Talk about words to live by. I have been applying that to, well, just about everything that even remotely fits.

  5. I am excited to be pool side all summer :) - but will run early so it's not 86f!! That's too hot for a run (I melt).
    Hope you are having a good summer so far and getting in lots of nice sun and runs.